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Put Healthy Food to the Taste-Test at the 2019 Fit Meal Challenge.

There are many companies that work hard to provide balanced, healthy and appropriately-portioned meals, but which one is truly the best at it? It's time to settle that once and for all. The 2019 Fit Meal Challenge will provide a platform for all these companies to showcase how great their food is, but also how well they stand up to the competition.  

“It’s going to be a bout to talk about!”

Join us at the the 2019 Fit Meal Challenge, taste food from all those competing, meet celebrities, and help us crown the winner!

Lastly, door-prizes, there will be plenty of those.  From 6 months of free meals to the winning fit meal companies, to weekend get-a-ways, to year-long fitness memberships, to so much more....

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